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Luobin Service Process

Provide you with one-stop service

Luobin Service Description

Provide excellent service based on customer satisfaction

In order to improve the competitiveness of the company, expand its reputation, establish a good reputation for its products, and establish a good corporate image. In the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction", we provide users with honest services in strict accordance with contract requirements and product technical specifications to meet their individual needs. Based on the principle of "professionalism, integrity and high quality", we solemnly promise to users.

Product quality commitment
1. Product manufacturing and testing have quality records and testing data 2. For product performance testing, we conduct a full process and full performance check on the product, and the product will be shipped after it is confirmed qualified.

After-sales service commitment
1. Each service staff adheres to principles when performing after-sales tasks and is willing to accept customer supervision. 2. After-sales service personnel respond to the needs of customers, complete service tasks with high quality in strict accordance with customer requirements, answer customer questions seriously, provide various solutions for customers to choose, and achieve customer satisfaction. 3. The service personnel have professional qualities and the ability to solve practical problems flexibly and quickly, and strive to complete tasks in a short time, and try to deal with faults within a day to reduce the inconvenience and loss of customers. 4. Register each customer's suggestions and complaints and deal with them carefully. Reply to customers in a short time. If the customer is not satisfied, continue to take measures or report to the superior for handling until the customer is satisfied. And to criticize and educate the complained person, and punish them if they are serious, and order them to apologize to customers. 5. Regularly return visits to customers, accept their opinions and suggestions humbly, as a basis for improving work, and continuously improve service quality。

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